Everything’s always the same; everything’s always different.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

Many of us wish our lives were somehow different. There’s al least one thing about our present circumstances that doesn’t quite fit with our ideal, and we wish that were otherwise. And yet, the one thing most of us fear is change itself.

In wanting our lives to shift, we really wish our outer world to alter but only in the desired way. And we certainly don’t want to shift ourselves—that’s definitely scary. Ironically, the only change we can control is our own personal change.

Today’s message advises me that change is a constant. It’s normal, healthy and essential to my existence. At the same time, because change is vital to my life, it—like divine love—can be relied on to be ever present for me. Change is always there for me, ensuring my life is fun and exciting.

How about you? How do you relate to change?