Fear signals needed change.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

None of us is totally fearless. We all feel the grip of fear at times. We may be afraid of loss, uncertainty, inadequacy, lack, the unknown, and/or change. Sometimes we may simply feel fear or dread for no consciously known reason. Whatever the cause, fear can paralyze us and keep us stuck in its clutches.

The way out of fear is to move past it. When we recognize it is an unpleasant form of stasis, we can choose what we want to do next and leave it behind. The fear is merely a signpost that we need to change. We’re reluctant to do so for some reason(s), so we manufacture fear to help us avoid the shift. When we voluntarily make the change, the fear no longer has a purpose and we can let it go. In retrospect we may even wonder why we were so afraid.

Today’s message advises me that when I feel fearful, I can examine my inner workings and choose something to change. In doing so, I move out of a state of fear and toward something I want. Fear is merely a messenger that tells me to pursue what I love.

How about you? What is your relationship with fear?