Reverence for being is the basis for worship.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out for you?

Most of us hold something to be sacred. Some of us areligious, some spiritual or agnostic, others are atheists. Whatever our beliefs, most of us have a guiding principle or concept we use to direct our actions.

One of the most basic of these concepts is that life has value. We usually find this easier to understand in relations to humans and harder to conceive of and act on in relation to the rest of creation. Yet everything—plants, rocks, bacteria, people of all types, pets, insects, stars, etc—everything that exists is part of divine interconnection. All of creation is worthy of our reverence and caring. All are equal, all are intrinsically divine. In this way, respecting life in all its forms is worship, a type of reverence for the divine.

Today’s message asks me to be mindful and reverent of all existence. When I am grateful for and kindly toward all beings and things, I honor the divine in them. I broaden my awareness by valuing all forms of existence.

How about you? How to worship and reverence relate for you?