Redefine what you enjoy.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out in your life?

We all can easily make a list of things we enjoy. We also can readily enumerate things we don’t care for. Unfortunately, sometimes the things we don’t take pleasure in outnumber those we do.

Enjoyment (or non-enjoyment) all comes down to perception. How we receive/perceive something defines how we experience it. Many of our perceptions are based on past events and our beliefs and thoughts around them. In this way, we’re preconditioned to like or dislike certain things.

Today’s message suggests I’ll benefit from re-examining my beliefs about what I do and don’t like. When I’m willing to come at events neutrally and with an open mind, I’m more likely to enjoy them. Releasing preconceptions enhances my ability to find pleasure in the moment.

How about you? How set are your likes and dislikes?