Without salt, life is bland.

Please reflect and share. How does this play out in your life?

Many of us dream of an idyllic existence—good health, plenty of money, time to do what we choose, loving relationships. We may be lucky enough to have some or all of these factors to at least a minor degree. But what if we had it all? What would our life feel like?

Without challenges, we believe life would be sweet. But would it really? If we had everything we’ve ever wanted, there would be no reason to strive or expand personally. Life would be one endless cycle of perfection, nothing left to dream about or aspire to. Absolute perfection could become bland and boring.

Hardships, setback, surprises, and unattained goals are the salt in life. They make existence savory rather than cloying. Without challenges we and our way of being become stagnant.

Today’s message reminds me that a meandering path is more interesting than a direct one. Without the more arduous bits, my life would quickly become routine. When I view challenges as seasoning, I’ll be able to appreciate their value.

How about you? How to you feel about challenges?