We continuously reinvent our self-image.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Our view of ourselves is subject to change, particularly as we reach milestones in life. We graduate from school, get married or divorced, reach significant birthdays. In response, we redefine who we think we are. We’re no longer a student, are in or out of a relationship, have moved from one stage of life to another. These changes impact the nature of our existence and our self-view as well.

On an ongoing basis, we alter our self-image from minute to minute. When we make a mistake, we may mentally berate ourselves as incapable. If we find a good solution ten minutes later, suddenly we’re a genius. As a result, how we see ourselves is fluid. Certainly, repeatedly thinking we’re fat, helpless, or stupid may crystallize into a more persistent aspect of our self-view. But any part of the the image we hold of ourselves is something we established, and we can deconstruct it at any time we choose.

Today’s message advises me to be aware of how and why I generate my view of myself. In any moment, I can recreate my self-image, so why not make it positive and hopeful? My self-image, when consciously chosen, is an ally in shaping a happy and fulfilling life.

How about you? Do you believe your self-image subject to change?