We can live as if we have already achieved our dreams.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We all have things we hope and long for—a first home or vacation home, an intimate romantic relationship, a satisfying career, children, the ability to travel. We can easily imagine how fulfilled we’ll feel when our goals are reached. We’ll be living our best lives ever.

If we have been lucky, determined, and focused enough, we may already have attained our wish. All should feel perfect, right? Somehow, another desire always crops up, leaving us still feeling wanting. Our best life usually seems to be in the future, eluding us.

Today’s message advises me to summon up the feelings around a dream fulfilled and apply them to my everyday life, just as it is right now. I’m alive, in reasonable health, and ambulatory. The sun is shining, spring flowers are beginning to emerge, and nature is revving up to go into full gear growth. My loved ones are all doing reasonably well, given their stage in life. I have plenty of choices of healthy food and drink. My shelter is safe and welcoming. The work I do interests and challenges me and I make a positive difference. I engage in hobbies I enjoy and express my creativity. Isn’t this the best life ever?

How about you? How might you feel fulfilled right now?