Invent yourself.

We’re all aware of public personas. We likely show our best face and lifestyle on social media.

We’re probably also smart enough to understand that a public persona may be different than a private one. We know that we all create masks we wear to show others who we might wish we were.

We may understand the health risks of trying to be someone we’re not. Stress, strained relationships, physical exhaustion, lost sleep, weight gain, and a myriad of other adverse conditions can arise from falsehood. It’s taxing to maintain a front.

So, if we’re better off and healthier being authentic, why would we want to invent ourselves?

We all aspire to be different than we are. We may want to be funnier, more kindly, more physically fit, more fulfilled. And we probably want to weigh less.

What if we could stay true to our values and feelings and be more of what we aspire to be? What might that look like?

Might we treat others as if they were precious to us? Might we try not to take life so seriously? Might we be more active? Might spend more time on hobbies that interest us and feed our creativity? Might we be more grateful. And might we tweak our lifestyle, diet, and activities to help foster a healthy weight?

Today’s message invites me to look at how who I am right now stacks up against my personal aspirations. Then I can ponder how I might change my daily life to help foster greater health, fulfillment, and kindliness—both to myself and others.

Please reflect and share. What one thing might you do regularly to help reinvent yourself in a healthy and happy way?