Loving yourself is fundamental to happiness.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Most of us desire happiness. We want to do things we enjoy and be with others we appreciate. When we talk about favored activities and folks, we’ll use the L-word—love. And it is likely that we do, to the extent we’re capable, love them.

How we feel about the outside world is an extension of how we feel about ourselves. In order to clearly view the world around us and love it in all its parts, we need to see all aspects of ourselves plainly and love them unreservedly. When we don’t fool ourselves and can cherish all facets of ourselves, even the uncomfortable ones, then we’re well positioned to love the world as it is and find happiness in life.

Today’s message challenges me to be proactive in finding ways to love myself. The more loving and accepting I am, the more I can comfortably deal with neglected aspects or undesired behavior in myself. Loving myself fully, I open my heart to encounter life with joy.

How about you? How might self-love alter your life?