Notes From The Awareness: 332

Balance and flexibility are linked.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We’re all challenged to keep balanced, especially since the onset of the pandemic and the associated upheaval. Our lifestyles, social structure, finances, and relationships have been strained. It feels as though our foundations shift beneath us regularly.

Just as physical flexibility helps us keep our balance and prevents falls in destabilizing circumstances, mental and emotional flexibility can save us from falling down life’s rabbit holes. It helps us recover our equilibrium and move on.

If we try to hold firm and unyielding in an unsettling situation, the lack of stability seems to feel worse. Our attempts to hang on to what was ensures that what could be is out of easy reach. When we go with the flow rather than trying to swim upstream, when we’re flexible, new and different options present themselves.

Today’s message asks me to further develop my flexibility—physical, mental, and emotional. I’m reminded that the three kinds of pliability and resilience are connected and support each other. When my physical body is limber, my mind is open, and my emotions flow and release freely, I am prepared for and can readily benefit from change. I keep balanced by being flexible.

How about you How does flexibility on all levels benefit you?