Notes From The Awareness: 295

Love creates happiness.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Most of us have a general idea of things that make us happy—a feeling of purpose, being able to express ourselves creatively, pursuing pastimes we enjoy, being in contact with our favorite people and beings. All of these factors are important to fulfillment, but many of us would rank loving relationships at the top of the list. Being loved feels like such a precious gift.

Yet, perhaps feeling loving is more important than being loved. Both conditions often coexist, but we can only know the love we feel with certainty. Our love isn’t just confined to other people; we can love creatures tame and wild, our homes and careers, deeply satisfying experiences, even life as a whole itself. The more generously we love, the move open our hearts are, and the more aware we are of the beauty of existence.

Today’s message reminds me that happiness starts inside me. When I love myself, I understand the transformative power of love clearly and want to share it. When I sprinkle love throughout my day like fairy dust, my existence is revealed to be mystical and magical. In being loving, I generate my own happiness.

How about you? How do love and happiness connect for you?