Love creates

There are three things to remember about love: it is eternal, it is non-judgmental, and it comes from inside you.


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Everybody wants to be loved. We want someone to care about and for us, and to view us as special and precious. We’ve probably felt that way as long as we can remember. It seems to be a basic need, like food, water, and sleep. We just want to be loved.

Most of us also want someone or something to love in return. It feels good to have affection and a special relationship with another. It may be romantic love for that special someone, it may be familial or parental love for out relatives or offspring, or it may be the love of close and caring friendship.

Bestowing and accepting love makes us happy. It’s pleasant to be part of a reciprocal relationship based on caring—we both get love from and receive love from someone who is special to us.

This is where our idea of love can become complicated. We see it as a transaction, with value received for value given. We expect to have our human, third-dimensional love returned in equal measure. How we want to be loved may differ from another individual’s desire to be loved, and things get messy. Why can’t it just be simple?

Love is very simple, but our idea of it is not. We mentally intertwine the needs and desires of our body and emotions with the feeling of love, resulting in a complex notion of something that actually is quite elegant and basic.

True love is primordial; it is the basis for all existence. Loving consciousness is the power that connects all creation. All beings and things are joined together by inherent, loving shared divinity—the sharing. In this way, love is the only power.

As humans, we experience pure love when we recognize the divinity encoded in ourselves or in another. In acknowledging the divinity of someone or something, we see the loved one as perfect and beautiful—as is. There are no conditions or time limits on such love. It is without judgment and has no end. It simply is.

To experience this absolute love, we need to view all life as equal and divinely interconnected; we need to live in a state of connection consciousness. When we see ourselves and others as loving divine consciousness (the sharing) does, we recognize there is nothing but love. It is the basis for all existence.

When we acknowledge that divinity is encoded within our own makeup, it is possible to recognize it in other beings and things, too. Before we can truly love another, we must learn to love ourselves. In loving ourselves absolutely and unconditionally, we master the ability to love all creation in the same way. It all starts within.

Let’s spend a few minutes exploring love with the help of the divinity inside us—our sharing within. We will focus on our breath, slowing and smoothing its pattern. As we do so, we’ll picture our sharing within as a ball of golden light in the center of our chest, even with our heart.

Each breath in feeds the globe of light, helping it become intense and bright. Each breath out diffuses the light into our body and our surroundings. Pure love, the love of divine creation, is carried on the light. As we breathe in and out, we consciously create the loving connection between us and all existence. We will continue the focused breath and golden light visualization until we feel calm, centered, and at ease, signaling conscious connection with out sharing within.

Pure love, the love of divine creation, is carried on the light. As we breathe in and out, we consciously create the loving connection between us and all existence. We breathe love for ourselves throughout our bodies and love for all creation out into the world. We inhale the love of all creation for us—as a perfect representation of the whole—back into our bodies.

The golden light reveals all as flawless and divine expressions of love. We—ourselves, family, friends, neighbors, strangers, animals, plants, man-made things, landscapes, elements, forces of nature, all of this world, and all of existence on any level—are made of love and cannot be separated from it. Every breath we take in, everything we touch, all we experience, is based in divine love. There is nothing else.

For a few breaths, we’ll breathe this essential truth in and out, blessing ourselves and the world with shared love. Doesn’t it feel good?

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, how does it feel to be love? Please share…