Notes From The Awareness: 275

Reaching perfection is more about allowing than striving.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Some of us are perfectionists and some of us are not. Whichever camp we’re in, for any given situation we’re likely to have a clear idea of what perfection might look like. In our personal ideal world, we know how we’d like things to be.

Unfortunately, our vision of perfection and reality almost never match. This leaves us pushing ourselves and others to bridge the gap between what we want and what is. It can lead to a perpetual state of dissatisfaction with life, of feeling there is always something missing.

Today’s message advises me that it may be healthier to change my idea of ideal than to continuously strive after the unattainable. What if what I am and what I have and experience is truly enough? How might life seem different if I were deeply satisfied with and grateful for what is, exactly as it is? When I allow my vision of perfection to match current reality, I will be a happier soul.

How about you? How might you redefine your idea of perfection?