Notes From The Awareness: 250

Cheerfulness is often the most effective and helpful trait.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. There are certain people who make a strong impression on us. We value what they offer, find they make an impact on our lives, and may wish to emulate them . Usually they’re folks who have an abundance of a desirable quality—brains, talent, resilience, kindness, pleasant disposition.

Over time, we find their admirable traits serve them and us well. This is particularly true of cheerful folks. In good times, they help make life even sweeter. In challenging times—like those of this year of 2020—they inject hope and humor into otherwise hard situations. They remind us better days are ahead and that today has its bright spots, too.

Today’s message advises me to up my cheerfulness quotient. When I meet experiences with a positive, can-do, grateful mien, I will enjoy my life more. This light-hearted approach can be infectious too; it will help buoy up others. My attitude is a choice. I might as well choose one that makes me happier.

How about you? Are you naturally cheerful?