Notes From The Awareness: 242

Playfulness breeds optimism.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. As adults, we take on a mantle of responsibility that seems to increase with time. We care for ourselves, our loves ones, friends, coworkers, pets, and more. We become keenly aware of the constant weight of this role. The more we’re in charge of, the heavier it seems. All this accountability can make us serious, as we push ourselves to try to do it all. Joy doesn’t seem to enter into it much.

As children, we likely weren’t responsible for near as much. Life was more carefree and we had plenty of time to play and let our imagination run free. Each day held the possibility of a new adventure. Life was exciting and good.

Today’s message is an invitation to let my inner child loose, so she can lure me into having more fun. Pure, silly enjoyment of anything and everything will give me a more happy-go-lucky approach to life. This positivity will lighten any burdens I carry.

How about you? How does playfulness affect the quality of your life?