Notes From The Awareness: 243

Imagination is a neutral power. It’s use can be positive or negative.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We all have the power to ponder. We think about things that have not yet occurred, often at length, and evoke emotions inside ourselves about the possibilities. Sometimes these are happy imaginings—a wished-for construction project, getting a desired degree, having a child—and sometimes they are troubling ones—falling ill, losing one’s job, continuance of relationship friction.

Whether our rumination is on a positive or negative outcome (from our personal point of view), we are using our mental focus, amplified by the strength of our accompanying emotions, to bring what we’re imagining into manifestation. This may or may not be a conscious process, but it happens all the same.

The more attention and feelings we invest, the more likely we will birth our thoughts into being. We’re using our mental and emotional energy, whether intentionally or not, to order up what we dwell on from the infinite potential of creation.

Today’s message reminds me to use the generative power of my imagination as a force for good in my life. When faced with the possibility of something I either do or don’t want to happen, I can choose to invest my creative thoughts and feelings in a positive result. Why wouldn’t I wish to manifest life experiences that are to my liking?

How about you? How have you used your imagination to bring about things in your life?