It will happen in its own time.

In any given situation, we often know what we hope will happen. And likely we know when we want it to occur, too. Failure of life to conform to our expectations usually leads to disappointment—ours.

We know this. It’s happened all too often. And yet, we continue to map out the what, where, when, and how of events in our heads. We attempt to script life.

The more we need to wait for a desired outcome, the more impatient we may become. The longer the gap between when we desire something to occur and when it might actually happen, the more apt we are to feel frustrated and possibly pessimistic. We get downhearted.

Today’s message reminds me that I’m not in control of the schedule for all of Creation. It’s hard enough for me to adhere to the timeframes I set for myself. It is utterly unrealistic to expect to expand my capacity to control things to life in general. When I’m willing to wait—gratefully, patiently, optimistically—the desired outcome is likely to happen faster.

Please reflect and share. What have you been waiting for, and have you been patient about it?