Notes From The Awareness: 194

All the beauty we see outside of us we create inside of us.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Certain things reliably make our hearts sing—the beauty of nature, uplifting music, one-on-one time with our beloved, snuggling with children or pets, the scent of a favorite meal cooking, a well-crafted sentence. No matter how often we experience them, they never fail to bring us joy. We have an ongoing relationship with these stimuli, one of love.

All of these experiences are, in fact, neutral. What incites happiness in us might spur boredom or even distaste in another. What makes each of our favorite things special is how we feel about them. Our love makes them beautiful and precious to us.

Today’s message reminds me that how I feel about and experience life dictates how I receive it. If I dread something, I’m unlikely to find it enjoyable. If I look forward to re-experiencing a pleasant occurrence with happy anticipation, it’s a safe bet that it will satisfy me again. The more I can receive events with a loving heart, the more apt I am to find joy in them. How I feel on the inside paints the world I see around me. Why not create it with love?

How about you? How do your feelings affect your experiences?