Notes From The Awareness: 188

We really love someone when we love them just as much at a distance.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. There are those being in life that we truly love—romantic partners, children, family members, dear friends, beloved animals. We never tire of being around them, and our best moments in life are spent in their company. Their presence feeds us at a soul level.

Unfortunately, we often lose these loved ones due to death, breakup, cross country moves, etc. They’re no longer in close proximity to use and we miss their physical presence and interaction with them desperately. We grieve their absence and wish, usually in vain, that there were only some way to have them near and close to us again.

Today’s message reminds me to broaden my concept of intimacy. Yes, there is physical and emotional intimacy, most easily sustained by bodily presence. But there is also spiritual intimacy, the love and closeness that exists at a soul level. While beloved people and animals may leave my physical life experience, they remain eternally connected to me in the conscious love that underlies all creation. My spiritual bond with these loved ones can never be extinguished. I have only to focus on them with my heart to experience joyful connection with them afresh. Love cannot be destroyed, but it may naturally evolve.

How about you How do you stay connected to loved ones who have passed out of your physical life?