Notes From The Awareness: 187

We best share ourselves in whatever way highlights our unique gifts and talents.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We all share of ourselves in various way, offering up our gifts and time for the benefit of others. This can take the form of writing poetry, creating art, performing music, listening to a troubled friend, caring for an ill parent, volunteering for charity. We give of our selves, our effort and our time, and we feel good about it, or at least mostly we do.

Sometimes we help others with the assumption that we will steer them onto the right life path. This is control. Sometimes we offer of ourselves because an expectation has been placed on us. This is also control. When we give what we have to the world freely, willingly, without a targeted end result, contributing joyfully for the sheer pleasure of doing so, we honor the nature of shared divine consciousness.

Today’s message reminds me that free will consciousness is a vital aspect of giving of myself. I will be happiest and offer the finest aspects of myself when I neither seek to control nor allow myself to be controlled. Sharing my uniqueness as and when I wish without being attached to an outcome will result in joy and freedom in both the giving and the receiving. My creativity is a force of nature to be loosed with intention but not harnessed.

How about you? How do you give of your talents and time, and how do you feel about that contribution of yourself?