Notes From The Awareness: 155

We are all made up of pieces of each other, rearranged.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We’re all unique. No one else has quite the same combination of traits and abilities. Add to this life learnings, and we’re all one-of-a-kind. No one else exists who is an exact duplicate of us. This provides us with our singular charm and also presents a hurdle in understanding each other. We’re all different, so can’t be viewed clearly through the lens of another’s experience.

Yet, we are far more similar than different from each other, from other plant and animal species, even from inanimate objects. We all source from the same divine whole and are partial representations of it, microcosmic instances of the macrocosm of creation.

We certainly share some aspects of ourselves with others, which accounts for instinctive affinity. Others may have less in common with us, possibly leading to antipathy for the unfamiliar. The important thing to remember is that whomever or whatever we’re engaging with or reacting to is a divine expression, equally worthy and beautiful in the eyes of creation. We all have our varied and fascinating merits.

This base of a shared divine source offers a way for us to reconcile with and understand each other where there are perceived differences between us. We may simply need to remember—although, as with many things, it may be a bit easier said than done—that we all arise from shared creation and we all mirror each other and the the divine for each other. This tenet is the basis for ho’oponopono and the practice of forgiveness. We recognize that our incomplete perception of another has resulted in misunderstanding. Being willing to release this block, we are able to see ourselves, the other, and our similarities more clearly. We are freed to experience the divine in the other and ourselves in a new way.

Today’s message reminds me to be open to perceiving the divine, as well as pieces of myself, reflected in others. If I enjoy the view, it’s time to celebrate and share my happiness. If I’m not thrilled by what I see, it will help to go inside to find and reconcile the aspects of myself that limit my perception and project themselves onto others. With the windows of my soul freshly washed, I can appreciate the beauty of my life more easily.

How about you? How or do you deal with seeing a reflection of yourself in others?