Notes From the Awareness: 135

Abundance is the concept; money is the language.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We’ve all had life shifts this year. Changes in our circumstances have shaken our beliefs and assumptions, often in ways that may that felt traumatic. The alterations were particularly distressing for our finances. Some of us have lost a job or had our hours or salary reduced. For those who lost a job, without the federal unemployment supplement, state benefits are a small portion of our former salary. Paying bills can be a challenge and discretionary spending has been pared. Money, or lack of it, can be a problem.

COVID-19 has slowed our lifestyles down, offering an opportunity to review how we had been living. In lesser financial circumstances and also in limited social interactions, many of us are becoming aware of the difference between want and need. We’re discovering it can be possible to live with less and still be okay and maybe even be happy. Some of us recognize that we are blessed in what we do have—health (hopefully), family, friends, pets, shelter, food and water, transportation, and likely a good bit more we may have taken for granted.

This realization was needed because we had confused the agreed upon symbol of having our needs and wants met with the state of being provided for, currency versus prosperity, money versus abundance. Abundance is a spiritual concept we try to express in the language of money, reducing the natural flow of energy in creation to a quantifiable means of exchange. As with all great spiritual principles, words and representations fail in translation. We mistake the messenger for the message.

Today’s message reminds me that to experience a prosperous state, I need to interact with the concept of abundance and not its diminished, numeric representation. Money is a unit of measure and a mental construct. Abundance is a state of being to be felt. To shift my awareness from currency to prosperity, I need to tweak my thinking to encompass all the ways in which my life is rich—loving companions, physical need met, beautiful, safe, stable surroundings, new experiences, conscious connection with the divine. I also need to conjure up positive emotions around being abundant. The most important of these is gratitude.

In recognizing and being grateful for what I do have, I set the template for the power of serendipity to serve me up more of what I appreciate. My thankfulness plants seeds in the quantum field to propagate more of what I love and enjoy. Gratitude takes me directly to the creative source of abundance and helps me forge a strong and loving relationship with it.

How about you? Do you distinguish between money and abundance, and if so, how?