Notes From The Awareness: 134

In manifestation, why and how are cause and effect.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. As a society we’re becoming more aware of how our thoughts affect the quantum field. As Mike Dooley summed it up so neatly, “Thoughts become things.” What we think affects reality, whether or not we are aware that it does. Our thoughts arise from our beliefs, conscious and unconscious, so that what we believe is self-fulfilling. Our beliefs are often the “why” something happens. The “how” of an occurrence—the way what we’ve set in motion with our thoughts comes about—is up to the endlessly inventive and often humorous power of serendipity.

In this year of disruptions, many of us have to reinvent at least portions of our live. Some of us are actively using manifestation and visualization to steer new courses. In this polarized election year, we also lend creational power to what we think and talk about, even if that isn’t what we’d want to see happen. Fearful thoughts about possible pitfalls in either our personal or national progress can help bring about the undesired. It’s important to take conscious responsibility for what we think and discuss.

Today’s message is a reminder to keep my focus on what I love and want. My thoughts and emotions color my current experiences and also help generate future ones, as well. I don’t need to wear blinders regarding the difficult or ugly parts of life, but I certainly don’t want to dwell on them. Any extended attention I give to problems should focus on solving them and not creating them. I have the power to affect reality with my thoughts and dreams.

How about you? How do you school your thoughts?