Notes From The Awareness: Day 130

Protect and conceal or connect and reveal? The choice is ours.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. We all have beauty and power inside us, our own unique magic. Usually we’re at least partially aware of our potential. We probably acknowledge at least some of our gifts, but when it comes to showing them to others we may be reluctant. It can be scary to share our inner treasures; we fear failure, rejection, or being misunderstood. We base the value of our uniqueness on what others might think, feel, or say: “Do they like it/me? Did I do/say it right? Am I good enough? Do they understand me?” This apprehension can only end in misery. We stuff our personal creative genius, leading us to feel incomplete and unfulfilled, and we abdicate our sense of self-worth to others, causing us to disrespect ourselves.

Today’s message urges me to open up and share what I have to offer with the world. How it is received is not so important; how it is given is what matters. My own unique gifts arise from my interconnection in creation. They are neither good nor bad, and I can choose how, why, and when to express them. I cannot control how others perceive that expression, but I certainly own my thoughts, feelings, and effort around how I present. When I extend my personal magic to the world joyously and without expectation, my creativity can flow freely in its highest form. By being willing to open up, I nurture and strengthen my mojo.

How about you? Are your comfortable sharing your inner gifts?