Notes From The Awareness: Day 129

Dreams bring us closer to reality.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life?

I’ll start us out. There are dreams, the ones that surface when we sleep, and there are dreams, the ones that arise when we imagine and wish. Sometimes the two types of dreaming intersect. Both can help us get closer to the real.

Sleep-time dreams take place when our waking conscious mind is at rest. In this state, our subconscious mind is more fully engaged. Our inner beliefs, thoughts, desires, and feeling are free to reveal them selves more completely. Our intuition can promote awareness that might otherwise be hidden from us, because our subconscious has a naturally closer connection to the quantum field.

Similarly, waking dreaming—conjuring up images of what we’d like to see happen—also can reach into quantum states. When coupled with intent, visualization can power up manifestation, transforming our wishes into reality.

The two types of dreaming can be intentionally combined, boosting their effectiveness. When we willingly place ourselves into a drifting, dreamy state and muse on something we’d like to create, we can at least partially disengage our conscious mind, allowing enhanced access to our subconscious and the quantum realm. Coming in touch with our innermost thoughts and feelings, we can become aware of and deal with any personal blocks to our wish. With our inner self and conscious intent aligned, we can seed our visualization into the field of possibilities. Holding strong, grateful emotions in advance about our desire, we amplify the signal.

Today’s message reminds me to use dreaming regularly to more easily reach my goals. Intentional dreams can create a sound template for reality to manifest. Then it is up to the power of serendipity to flesh out my imaginings in ways that likely will be surprising and amusing. Dreaming is a super power. I have the ability to make my imaginings real.

How about you? What is your relationship to dreaming? Do you use it as a tool to improve your enjoyment of life?