Notes From The Furlough: Day 58

We project fear of our own inner nature onto the world and events around us.

Please discuss. How does this play out in life.

I’ll start us out. Things in the United States are unsettled and ugly right now. The COVID-19 death toll is high and continuing to rise. The economy is struggling and there is a record number of folks unemployed. Political and philosophical differences of opinion are heightened at the same time that racial injustice and associated violence have reached a flash point. All in all, we’re concerned about our future and our country’s state. We all take what we feel are appropriate outward actions, but in looking at the chaos around us, we may be forgetting to delve into what lives inside us.

Today’s message is a call for me to do some soul searching. What inside me, my thoughts, and behaviors might be unhealthy, and how do I keep from sharing this with others? What beliefs and habits of mine hamper my prosperity? What parts of myself are in conflict with each other, and how does this impede my personal progress? What aspects of myself am I unable to love, and respect, and how does this cause me to judge or lash out at others? When my own internal house is in order, I project health, peace, harmony, and acceptance into the world.

How about you? Would taking stock of your personal beliefs, thoughts, and actions be helpful?