Notes From The Furlough: Day 59

Choosing something involves focusing your energy in that direction.

Please discuss. How does that play out in life?

I’ll start us out. Life from time to time shakes us up and destabilizes us. COVID-19 has amplified that tendency. Many of us are faced with making unanticipated changes. It can be uncomfortable or even overwhelming, and we may struggle with making the correct choice(s).

The message for Day 57—“Petty details are just that, petty details.”—encourages us to make smaller-scale decisions without over analyzing. Today’s message relates to how we orient toward a decision and conduct ourselves once it is made. I can channel my energy toward the best choice for me by visualizing how I want to feel when the outcome is accomplished. I don’t need to specify all the particulars, and in fact getting too detailed may limit the Universe’s playbook in achieving my goal. Broad strokes imagination will be more effective. I want to include gratitude for a wonderful outcome in my visualization, to increase the potency of my vision.

If my path involves making a concrete decision, I want to back my play with my energetic focus. Second guessing myself will deter my progress and divert me toward what I don’t want. It’s important for me to stay positive about my choice. Should additional information arise that leads me to alter my initial decision, that’s okay. I will then want to reorient my energy in the direction of my revised choice.

Recap: I can best navigate unexpected life shakeups:

  1. By visualizing how I want to feel when my goal is accomplished. Even though I may not fully understand what that goal may look like, I still know how I want to feel.
  2. By backing my decisions with confidence and determination.
  3. By not second-guessing my choices and staying focused on what I want/how I want to feel rather than on what I don’t want/how I don’t want to feel.
  4. By allowing myself to alter decisions should the need become clear or new information come to light, and then applying the same confidence and determination to my revised choice.
  5. By feeling thankful in advance for the perfect outcome. Gratitude is the special sauce.

How about you? How do you cope with being faced with unexpected choices?