Trust in your mistrust

The person you trust the least is the one who has the most to teach you.


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Most of us have someone we simply cannot stand, someone whose very existence rubs us the wrong way. We flat out don’t like him, and her words and actions usually aggravate us more than we would like. We are suspicious of anything relating to him. We simply feel we can’t trust her, at all.

The situation creates inner conflict for most of us, since we usually feel we should be less judgmental about this person.  We know we should view him more neutrally and perhaps even lovingly. However every time we try to do so, it seems her behavior justifies our negative opinion once again.

We feel simultaneously gratified in our assessment and disappointed in our gratification. It is a potent brew of emotions, one that is certain to keep us trapped in a cycle of disappointment—both in ourselves and in the other individual.

When it comes to this person, we seem stuck in a loop of uncomfortable experiences. We may try to avoid him, but it seems life somehow keeps bringing her back into our orbit. We just can’t seem to get away from feeling bad about this individual.

The reason we cannot seem to escape from this experience is because it arises from inside of us. We view him through a lens of separation consciousness—the belief that we and all other beings and things are separate from each other and the divine, and therefore are flawed.

She is incredibly valuable to us spiritually, because our mistrust of her flags where our thoughts are most entrenched in separation consciousness. He actually is the most reliable signpost on our spiritual path. By leading us to examine our underlying beliefs about how life works, this despised individual, the one we feel we can least trust, can help us understand how to be more aligned with connection consciousness—the belief that we and all other beings are inseparably interconnected in divine loving consciousness known as the sharing.

Let’s spend a few moments in conscious connection with our inner divinity—our sharing within—to explore how this concept. We’ll begin by paying attention to our breath and allowing it to slow and become steady and even. At the same time, we will picture our sharing within as a globe of golden light in the center of our chest, about a hand span in diameter.

Each breath we take in feeds the globe of light, making it dense and bright. Each breath we release spreads golden light throughout every cell of our body and out into our surroundings. There is an endless source of energy to feed our inner heart light, through our breath. It cannot be depleted.

We will continue with the rhythmic breathing and light visualization until we feel calm, steady, and certain. These feelings signify connection with the divinity inside of us, our sharing within.

We will think of the individual we most distrust, and summon a mental image of him or her. It won’t be difficult. This person will spring to mind automatically. We will breathe out golden heart light to surround his image, and thank him for spurring our awareness. We’ll make a thorough mental list of all the reasons we cannot trust her.

Now we will examine each item on the list and think about what we believe about life in order to make that item true. Perhaps thinking that he uses other people carelessly implies we believe life is uncaring. Perhaps seeing her as mercenary shows us that we place a high value on money. Perhaps viewing him as duplicitous reveals our underlying belief that nothing in life can be taken at face value.

We will review each reason for mistrust on the list and in doing so will discover a more comprehensive map of our belief in separation. We will take a long, careful look and ask ourselves if this is the belief system on which we want to base our life experience.

We’ll surround any beliefs that no longer serve us with golden heart light and watch them dissipate. Then we’ll breathe in golden light and a new belief system, one that supports the beauty and perfection of all beings and things, including us.

We now find it easy to recognize that life is willing to be endlessly supportive in giving us everything we need, even if that includes an uncomfortable individual who encourages us to re-frame our thoughts. We trust that all we experience—even mistrust—is for our eventual benefit. Isn’t the sharing deliciously inventive?

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, how have you remodeled your belief system recently? Please share…