Ending is a concept, not a reality

When we come to the end of something, it is only an end because we perceive it as such. There are no boundaries other than the ones we create.


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We’re all about beginnings and endings. We divide time into centuries, decades, years, months, days, etc. We divide space into geographical locations like continents, countries, state lines, city limits, lakeshores, and river banks. We think of relationships and lives as having a definitive beginning and ending. Yet all these delimitations only have the meaning we assign to them. They are arbitrary. We use them to try to make sense of reality.

In actuality, everything is always changing. Our official atomic clocks are re calibrated. Water levels in a lake vary. Rivers change course. People exist before and after we consciously interact with them. Awareness simply is, with or without a body. Everything is relative, and our insistence on trying to define things prevents us from knowing and enjoying them more fully.

When we cease categorizing and delimiting things and interactions, we are open to perceive them more clearly. We lose our preconceived notions and are able to experience life as it is, rather than as we believe it should be. We unlock the power of serendipity in our lives and up our awe quotient. We find it easier to have fun with life.

Additionally, when we give up our need to define and delineate reality, we release ourselves from the self-imposed confines of separation consciousness. When we let go of our need for absolute boundaries and measurements, we find it easier to intrinsically understand our connection to everyone and everything. It is easier to know our place in the sharing (aka the universe) as a divine co-creator.

Let’s take a few minutes to connect consciously with the divine inside of use—our sharing within—to find out where we are stuck in our limited perception of reality, and how we can free ourselves to enjoy interconnected life more. We will begin by taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, choosing to slow and smooth our breathing pattern. We’ll also picture our sharing within as a globe of golden light in the center of our chest. As we inhale, the light becomes steady and bright. As we exhale, the light pours forth to bless us and our surroundings. We will continue until we sense conscious connection with our sharing within—we will feel calm, relaxed, and sure.

We will ask our sharing within to show us areas in life where we are hung up on defining boundaries. Perhaps we are too rigid in how we budget our finances. Perhaps we are overly strict in limiting the amount of free and unstructured time we allot ourselves. Perhaps we relate to others in only clearly defined interactions. Perhaps we are afraid of death—whether ours or that of a loved one. Whatever we hear, we can trust that it true and helpful information for us.

We will then ask our sharing within to show us one small way in which we can relax our sense of limits, today. Perhaps we can make an occasional small impulse purchase, buying something we enjoy without guilt. Perhaps we can allow ourselves to simply do nothing, when we really want to rest. Perhaps we can lighten up a relationship, changing how we relate to someone in unexpected positive and fun ways. Perhaps we can trust that our or someone else’s life span will be enough, recognizing that there is wisdom in divine timing.

We’ll also ask for a catch phrase to repeat to ourselves when we find that we are getting hung up on limits. “I enjoy abundance, trusting the universe provides amply for all my needs.” “I have all the time I need, and more, to accomplish all I want.” “I find it fun and easy to relate to my family, friends, and coworkers in new and exciting ways.” “Life is sweet right now and I enjoy my time and interactions with loved ones fully.”

Finally, we’ll thank our sharing within for us helping have a new and freer perspective on life. Isn’t it fun to let go?

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, how were you hung up on limits? Please share…