Divine depth perception

Penetrating awareness brings you the purpose that you need.


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Most of us go through life believing in what we expect to see. In other words, the stuff of our lives is preconceived notions. Based on past experience, we interpret what is going on now and posit what we believe will be. This leads to stagnation in experience, often followed by dramatic events designed to shake us out of our rut.

Most often, our experiences and beliefs are based in separation consciousness—the idea that we are separate from everyone, everything, and the divine. This leads us to find boredom, frustration, fear, regret, anger, and disillusionment in our lives. Our lives often aren’t fun and they seem to lack meaning.

We need help to get past this habitual mindset, so we can cultivate awareness of the depth and beauty in life, an awareness that will let us see into the truth of our existence. Fortunately, the required assistance is always available to us. We simply need to reach within for it.

A splinter of divinity is housed within each of us. It is the means by which we are connected to all of creation—the sharing. For this reason, it can be termed the sharing within. Through it, we can access divine perspective and can communicate with any aspect of the universe. It is our inborn divine guidance system and it always is accessible to us, if we are willing to connect with it consciously.

With the help of our sharing within, we understand our divine interconnection with all other beings and things. We learn that we are a valuable part of a divine whole. Our life has meaning and purpose. We understand how we relate to the rest of the sharing and what we might contribute to shared divine experience.

When we consciously join our physical mind with our sharing within, we develop a penetrating awareness that will help reveal the truth of who we are and why we are here. We are able to understand the beauty and significance of our overall existence and of all the individual events in our lives.

Let’s take a moment to consciously connect with our sharing within, to see how that might work. We will begin by allowing our shoulders to drop and taking a deep breath in and out. We’ll allow our breathing rhythm to slow down and become even. We will picture our sharing within as a golden globe of light in the center of our chest. As we inhale, the light of our sharing within become strong and bright. As we exhale, its light suffuses us and our surroundings.

We will continue the gentle breathing pattern and light visualization until we sense conscious connection with our sharing within. We will feel calm, steady, relaxed, certain, and safe. This signals the desired connection has been reached.

Now we will ask our sharing within to help us develop a more profound awareness of ourselves and our lives’ events. We will ask for clues. Perhaps we will see ourselves standing at the front of a classroom. Perhaps we will see ourselves looking through a microscope. And perhaps we’ll also see ourselves riding a horse, carefree and happy.

We’ll ask our sharing within to help us interpret what each of these visions might mean to us. Perhaps the schoolroom shows us that we are to teach and help others. Perhaps the microscope tells us to pay attention to details—that even the smallest things are important. And perhaps the horseback riding shows us that movement and change can be joyful.

Now we’ll ask our sharing within to help us to connect the dots between the various visions and how they relate to each other. Perhaps we will be told that by teaching others to enjoy the small things in life, we will help them move through changes in their lives with more ease and joy. Perhaps this will indicate a career as a life coach, or perhaps this may signify a satisfying avenue for volunteer work. Whatever we hear, we can trust that it is appropriate and perfect for us.

We will ask our sharing within to show us how to begin. What is the first step for us to take, to begin to unfold our purpose? Perhaps we are shown to start practicing the skill sets we will share with others. Perhaps it is as simple as trying to enjoy all the small things in our everyday lives.

We will thank our sharing within for the message and indicate our willingness to take the first step. We are already on the path through wonderful!

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, how might you practice deeper awareness? Please share…