Metaphysician, love thyself

The most important thing we can do is to love ourselves—simply, humbly, and completely. We posit our outer world based on how we feel about ourselves. If we want to see love in the world, we must first find it in ourselves.


♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Many of us feel something is missing in life. We want our relationships to be different. We long for success. We look at the world and see danger, strife, and lack. Things just aren’t as we might wish them to be. Something essential seems to be omitted. Love, beauty, balance, and abundance appear to be ethereal, not present on the earth in everyday life.

What we often forget is that our personal beliefs generate our outside world. Whether consciously or unconsciously, we choose the world we live in through our thoughts and feelings. Key in this is how we feel about ourselves, for our worldview begins within us. As we see ourselves, so we create and see the world.

If there is emotional turmoil inside of us or we are conflicted, we will find upset in our relationships and strife in the world. If we feel we are not good enough, others will seem to find us lacking. If we feel unlikable, satisfying relationships will elude us. If we judge ourselves unworthy, success will be beyond our grasp. We project our thoughts and feelings about ourselves outward to create the world and all the events in our life.

We want the world to be a better place. We’d like to see more kindness, compassion, fairness, and generosity in our daily interactions. We’re often willing to put effort into helping this happen. But usually we focus most of the effort outward. We forget to begin within.

Inside of us is a spark of divine consciousness, known as our sharing within. It is inseparable from us, just as we are inseparable from all of creation—the sharing. Through it, we are connected to everyone and everything in conscious love. All too often we don’t remember this essential truth of ourselves. We usually focus on our perceived flaws and judge ourselves to be, in some way, essentially broken. As long as we see ourselves as less than whole, we will be unable to find completion or perfection in our outer world.

The essential piece that is missing is self-love. When we love ourselves without judgment or reservation, what we project out from ourselves is different and our everyday life begins to change too. When we love ourselves, we will find love in the world.

Let’s take a few minutes to connect consciously with our inner divinity—our sharing within—to see how this might work. We’ll begin by slowing our breath, allowing it to become gentle and even. We’ll hold an image of our sharing within as a sphere of golden light in the center of our chest. As we inhale, the light becomes bright and solid. As we exhale, the light pours throughout and around us, filling us and our surroundings. We will continue the breathing rhythm and light visualization until we feel a sense of calm and steady knowingness. This is the signal of conscious connection with our sharing within.

We will ask our sharing within to show us the primary ways in which we do not love ourselves. Perhaps we don’t eat healthily. Perhaps we dislike our body. Perhaps we judge ourselves harshly for what we feel is a lack of success. Perhaps we don’t allow ourselves time to do the things we truly enjoy. Whatever we see or hear, we can trust that it is true and perfect for us,

Now we will ask our sharing within to help us feel the complete and unwavering love that the sharing feels for us. For a few moments, we will see ourselves as the sharing does—complete, beautiful, and perfect. As part of the divine interconnected whole, how could we be otherwise?

We will allow that simple, humble, and complete love to spread though us and fill us, carried on the golden light from our heart center. We will make a commitment to ourselves to simply love and treat ourselves with the respect due a divine being. We can eat healthy food and be grateful for a body that allows us to experience the physical world. We can know that we always do our best and that by enjoying ourselves, we honor the sharing’s many gifts.

We will see ourselves as a glowing body of golden love-light and let our light spill forth from us out into our surroundings. We and everything and everyone we touch or interact with are connected by the golden light. We love ourselves and, by extension, we love the world without conditions. We are love; we love life; life loves us in return. Nothing else is possible.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what aspect of yourself are you now willing to love completely? Please share…