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Unlock the door of your consciousness and let in a new way of being. Now is the time to create new structures in your inner and outer worlds.


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When I began to scribe the book The Sharing: The Owner’s Manual for Being Human, I found myself writing: “You have been given these words. Use them to re-write your reality and so others shall as well.” I was given all of the words in the book. I only needed to contribute my willingness. Now you are being offered the same opportunity.

This weekend, Hilarion and I are literally giving you the opportunity to change your life for free. From Sep 20 – 23 the Kindle electronic version of the book is available for free down load at If you don’t have a Kindle, Amazon offers free Kindle apps you can download to your Android phone, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac, or PC. Click here for the free Kindle apps and click here for the free e-book.

As Hilarion says, “Read this book. Change your life. Tell your friends.” Please share.

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Hilarion suggested that I offer some of my favorite quotes from the book in lieu of a weekly blog post. Here are a few excerpts from the book that speak to me strongly. I hope you will enjoy them too!

“When you look to find an answer, you already have gotten confused. When you trust in the outcome, you remain clear and open to possibilities. Living in trust is the beginning of perceiving the sharing. Yet it is only the beginning, for you still believe and trust in a power outside of yourself. In the sharing there is no outside.”

“We are an essential part of a divine whole with divinity encoded in our body. When we were conceived, an expression of an individuated thread of divine consciousness seated itself physically in our body. It will remain there until our physical death. It is fully present in our body at all times whether our physical mind (ego) chooses to recognize it or not. Our purpose as humans is to learn to acknowledge the presence of the sharing inside us and to consciously allow the sharing within to guide and participate in our physical existence.”

“The sharing within and the physical mind can cooperate in comfortable awareness within a human body. However this often is not the case. We tend to experience life in forgetfulness of our inherent divinity. Living a life guided only the physical mind leads to experiences of confusion, fear, lack, animosity, and mistrust. Perceived separation from the sharing, created by the physical mind, generates these experiences and uses them to create more of the same. A closed loop is established, and what we experience cannot vary from what has been generated by the limited input of the closed loop.”

“It is the role of the sharing to generate messages and opportunities designed to keep us dynamic and flexible in our approach to various life experiences. The more fixed our physical mindset, the more conscious momentum is needed to shift us from our perceived comfort zone. Thus our desire for fixity (contraction) leads inevitably to change (expansion), with the degree of change required to free us determined by our level of fixity. This is why we may feel we are going along fine in life, when an event suddenly arises that slaps us unexpectedly in the face and shakes us to our core. It happens. It happens to all of us. It is the mediating balance the sharing provides between focus/contraction and connection/expansion. It is a gift of divine love, yet it doesn’t seem like fun, goodness, or love from the perspective of the physical mind. The physical mind, from its separation viewpoint, will view rapid or powerful expansion as threatening and painful.”

In the sharing, there are no victims. In the sharing, there are no bad guys. In the sharing, there are no sins. In the sharing, there are no mistakes. In the sharing, there are only thread expressions of the divine interacting with each other. In any interaction, some thread expressions may honor their connection to the sharing and some may not. This is our choice. We all are granted countless opportunities to make the choice. No thread expression ever is excluded from the sharing or is damned. Exclusion and damnation are impossible and contrary to the very nature of the sharing.”

“We can treat all people—friends, family, loved ones, co-workers, and strangers—with love, respect, and gratitude. We can view our pet dog as a divine being, rather than as an animal we “own” who is at our beck and call. We can be grateful for our possessions and treat them gently. We can deal with our natural environment lovingly and respectfully, feeling grateful for all it provides us. We can look up at the night sky in wonder and joy at the vastness of the sharing. All these practices being beauty and richness to our lives and consequently to the sharing, and they help us show others their divinity through our eyes.”

“Take a moment to be grateful for the richness and beauty of the sharing, and for all the things you enjoy in life. Let your heart fill with the knowledge that all you find wonderful is part of the divine web of the sharing. All of creation is there for you to appreciate and is designed to appreciate you in return. Feel how blessed you are to be loved and loving, supported by all existence. Enjoy the interconnection.”

“The most important thing for me to achieve in my life is conscious communication with my sharing within. When I learn to acknowledge the divine in myself, I will be able to recognize it in all existence. I will discover my life can be appreciated as a joyous and surprising encounter with the divine. The road to serendipity lies within.”

You and the sharing are here to amuse each other!

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, please download the book and find a quote that speaks to you. What is it? Please share…