Life is our oyster

Pondering something does not make it either real or unreal. It merely attempts to fill the gaps in our awareness of the concept or event. Reality, like raw oysters, is best swallowed whole. Too much chewing leads to an unsatisfactory experience.


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When we have a hard time accepting or understanding something, we worry at it mentally. We look at it from one viewpoint. We try to look at it from another viewpoint. We review it mentally over and over again, hoping that somehow it will seem different.

We often spend more time thinking about an event than it took to occur. All this fretting doesn’t make us any happier and it usually doesn’t change our perception of what happened. It merely consumes conscious focus that we could use to enjoy other things. Somewhere deep in our hearts we know that worrying a scenario over and over doesn’t help, but often we can’t stop ourselves. It seems addictive.

We get stuck in this loop of dissatisfied memory because our physical mind usually perceives things from separation consciousness—the idea that we and all other things and beings are separate from each other and from divinity—making life unsatisfactory and unsafe. As long as this belief is the basis for our remembered experience of events, we’re not likely to enjoy life as much as we could. Our unhappiness with the past will poison our present.

We often need additional input to help put the situation in a more neutral perspective. We may talk the event over with a trusted friend or family member. Sometimes he will move past sympathy and will try to help us evaluate the circumstances less emotionally. Her input may help us see things differently, at least while we are together. However, later in the solitude of our own thoughts, we may revert to worrying over the situation again.

We won’t be able to escape this self-imposed mental trap without thinking and perceiving differently. We  must let go of separation consciousness in order to find real peace with the situation. If we can view the event from a radically different perspective, we will be able to understand how it can teach and benefit us. We will need assistance to achieve the level of consciousness that will make this possible. But the help needed won’t come from outside of us, it will come from inside.

Within us is a splinter of divine consciousness, known as our sharing within. It is our direct link to divinity—the sharing—and it helps us understand our role in divine interconnection. It is always accessible and present for us; we merely need to open to it. When we join the conscious awareness of our physical mind with the divine awareness of our sharing within, we are able to view things from the fresh perspective of connection consciousness. This is the perceptual boost we need to understand how our interconnection with all things has provided a lesson and opportunity in the worrisome event.

Let’s try this by spending a few minutes connecting with our sharing within right now. We will begin by establishing a gentle rhythmic breathing pattern and by picturing our sharing within as a golden light in the center of our chest. With each inhalation, the golden light gets stronger and brighter. With each exhalation, the light flows out through and around us. We’ll continue until we feel a sense of calmness and clarity filling us, signaling conscious connection with our sharing within.

We will think of a recent event that has troubled or perplexed us, one that we have found difficult to accept. Perhaps we had an unexpected and heated argument with an old friend. We will picture the situation in a bubble in front of us and will surround it in golden light. Then we will say aloud: “I accept that [name the situation] has happened. I am willing to believe that it is for my good. I release all judgment of the situation right now and I accept all benefits that result from it.”

We will ask our sharing within to give a different perspective on the event, so that we can understand the message it contains. Our acceptance of the situation and its message will help unlock the benefits it contains for us. Perhaps our sharing within will show us we can have happier relationships when we are more mentally and emotionally flexible. Whatever message we receive, we will trust that it is perfect and accurate for us.

We will picture future events, in a bubble in front of us, playing out more satisfactorily as a result of our increased understanding. Again we will fill our visualization with golden light from our sharing within. We’ll feel deep gratitude for our ability to find beauty and benefit in any and every aspect of our lives. We are willing to accept life whole and raw, just as it is, without the need to chew on it. Life is our oyster.

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Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what situation are you will to simply accept? Please share…