Freedom is the lack of a solution

Practical people find practical solutions. Complicated people find complicated solutions. Free people don’t need to find solutions. They are free of the need for solutions.


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It’s easy to find problems in our lives. Some things or situations just don’t seem to work right, according to our judgment. People or events seem to make us feel uncomfortable and we cast about, looking for a solution to the difficulty.

We may try a variety of options. Many of them won’t seem, to us, to work. That often won’t deter us. We usually will continue to explore other avenues, trying to make our discomfort go away. Sometimes we appear to be successful. The problem will look to be resolved, and we feel happy. That usually doesn’t last for long. The same issue may recur or another, often similar, difficulty may arise to take its place. We simply can’t seem to stay in a sweet, problem-free zone.

Our recurring difficulties arise from our need to evaluate and improve life. We see ourselves, others, and our world as flawed, and we want to make it all better. As long as we persist in seeing inadequacy in and around us—separation consciousness—we will continue to experience dissatisfaction and discomfort. The issue is not the defective nature of our world. The issue is our belief in imperfection.

In the sharing, everyone and everything shares a divine, interconnected nature. All of creation and all of its parts share in perfection. We are all part of an inseparable whole, and life is beautiful, just as it is.

Our belief that we and others are separate from divinity, and therefore flawed, lies at the heart of our malaise. We think that we are imperfect, and we project that disbelief and distrust of our own nature out upon the rest of the world. If we cannot trust or believe in ourselves, whom can we trust? The world becomes an unreliable and dangerous place, something we need to heal.

When we recognize the divine nature in ourselves, and also in the rest of the world, we   love and accept ourselves and our lives, as is. Instead of focusing on what we believe we don’t like, we notice all the things we enjoy and appreciate.

The more we are grateful in our lives, the more life seems to please us. We feel free of life’s ups and downs. Circumstances in our lives may vary, but our love and appreciation of life becomes more constant. We no longer feel a compelling drive to solve situations. We are not pushed by a need to improve others and life. We are willing to enjoy what is.

Let’s ask for help from our inner divinity—our sharing within—to free ourselves from the need to tweak life. We begin by allowing our breath to become steady and even. We will see our sharing within as a golden light housed in the center of our chest. As we inhale, the light will intensify; as we exhale, the light will suffuse us and our surroundings. We will continue the rhythmic breath pattern and light visualization until we feel calm, peaceful, and relaxed. These feelings will be our sign that we in conscious connection with our inner divinity.

We will ask our sharing within to help us understand how we judge ourselves as imperfect. We can be assured that whatever answer we receive, it is true and perfect for us. Perhaps we are shown that we believe we don’t deserve to be happy.

Next we will shine golden light from our sharing within on ourselves and that belief. We will ask to see ourselves as the sharing sees us—divine, perfect, and whole. We will feel the unconditional love implicit in the golden light and understand how senseless our self judgment is. Perhaps we will recognize that all of creation exists simply so that all of its parts, including us, can experience beauty and happiness.

Finally, we will project our expanded understanding out upon the rest of the world. If we can recognize ourselves as perfect, surely we can see the perfection in everyone and everything else, too. If we and all of life are essentially divine, there is nothing to judge, nothing to improve, and nothing to solve. We are free of the need for solutions. We are willing to love life, here and now, as we experience it.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what problem are you willing to stop trying to solve? Please share…