I feel free!

Freedom cannot be understood rationally. It only can be felt. Practice!


♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

We often think about things that limit our ability to live life as we might choose. Government regulations, financial constraints, physical conditions, or personal obligations may seem to reduce our options. We believe that we’d be able to do what we love, if only outside limitations didn’t apply. “If I didn’t have to [fill in the blank], I’d be able to [fill in the blank].”

We may try to think our way out of these constraints. “How can I make more money/be healthier/have more time for myself?” We chafe against the restrictions we see and try to find ways to circumvent them. We resist life, as it is.

Our focus on what we don’t want prevents us from enjoying the things life does give us. We miss out on the moment-by-moment miracles in life—beautiful sunsets, a child’s grin, birdsong, a pleasantly full stomach—because we are busy thinking about what we don’t have. We lose sight of this truth: Freedom isn’t doing what we love; it is loving what we do.

We cannot think our way out of dissatisfaction, because we are trying to replace a feeling with a thought. If we attempt this, the change won’t work for us on a gut level. Our head and our heart won’t be in agreement. Freedom is a feeling, not a concept, and in order to truly experience it we must change how we feel.

Gratitude is the key to feeling free. When we are thankful—in the moment—for something happening in our lives, there is no room for dissatisfaction—in that moment—about what we do not have. Our hearts are filled with love and appreciation for our current experience, and thoughts of limitation and lack cannot distract us. This is real freedom: freedom from the constraints of separation consciousness, freedom to love our lives exactly as they are.

Let’s take a few minutes to consciously connect with our inner divinity—our sharing within—and learn how we can feel freer and happier in our lives. We will begin by slowing our breath and letting it become soft, even, and rhythmic. We’ll see our sharing within as a ball of golden light in the center of our chest. As we inhale, the light strengthens and grows brighter; as we exhale the light fills us and everything around us.

We will continue the breathing pattern and light visualization until we sense conscious connection with our sharing within. A feeling of ease, relaxation, and certainty will overtake us. This is our signal to continue.

We will think of one way we think our freedom in life is limited. Perhaps we would like to move to another part of the country, but feel finances and family concerns stand in the way; we feel trapped where we are. We will tap the center of our chest to focus our mind on our sharing within, and will ask it to show us a new way to feel about the situation.

Whatever our current circumstances, there is something in our lives that works well, that is a blessing to us. Perhaps our sharing within will show us the beauty of the landscape where we live. Perhaps we will be shown the joy of having a family of our own. Perhaps we will be shown how our current finances allow us to have a safe roof over our heads and plenty to eat and drink. Whatever the response, we can trust that it is true and correct for us.

Now we’ll focus again on the golden light in our chest and picture it connecting us to the vision of blessing our sharing within has shown us. As the light flows from our heart to our blessing, we’ll summon up deep gratitude and let it emanate out of us, carried on the golden light. We’ll allow ourselves to understand how good it feels to love our life, as it is right now. We are truly blessed, by our love and gratitude.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

Divinely unique and beautiful reader, what do you love about your life, and how does it help you feel free? Please share…