Recognize yourself

Most of us have things we want to do and haven’t yet accomplished. We probably have a to-do list, at least mental if not an actual physical or digital one.

Some of the things are likely more immediate needs like filling out important paperwork and scheduling vital appointments. Others fall in the category of dreams: a high-paying and fulfilling job, starting a family, owning property. Yet others are slightly lesser wants like a new car, a fancy vacation, or new furniture.

We may never accomplish all the items on our list, but we certainly would like to. If we don’t, we may beat ourselves up for not being successful. We may feel incomplete, like something is missing.

This is where we may need a reality check. We may be focused on what we haven’t done instead of what we have achieved.

It’s probable we’ve accomplished many of the longer-terms goals we’ve had in life. Yes, we still have goals ahead of us, but it’s time to breathe and recognize exactly what we’ve completed.

We may have gotten a degree or certificate in a field that interest us. We may have gotten married or had children. We may have lost weight, improved our health, or gotten physically stronger.

We might have cleaned up our diet, learned a foreign language, or devoted more time to reading books. We may have prioritized savings and investments, purchased property, helped a friend or family member in need, gotten sober, started a garden, or learned more about cooking.

If we look back over the past year, or even the last five to ten years or more, we could likely list a raft of accomplishments. It’s time to give ourselves credit and celebrate what we’ve achieved.

That doesn’t imply that we should coast and just focus on past glory. But we should recognize our successes and understand that we’re capable people who can achieve much. A positive view of ourselves will help fuel our current efforts and future successes.

Today’s message reminds me to take a breath and take stock of my past accomplishments. I have created many good things in my life and will continue to do so.

Please reflect and share. What successes are you proud of?