Home is where the heart is

As a Cancerian, home is near and dear to me. It’s my comfort zone, my safe space, the place where I can be myself, relax, and recharge.

While other folks may not be as home focused, we all can benefit from having a home base, somewhere we can consider our own personal space.

Yet we may take our homes for granted. We may neglect their care and upkeep, allow them to become cluttered with inconsequential items, and fail to decorate them in a way that expresses our individuality and preferences.

When we put our hearts into creating a space of love and safety, our homes become much more than simply places where we reside. In addition to keeping our homes tidy, clean, and pleasantly decorate physically, we can also keep them clean and positive energetically.

By curating a space that is appealing, welcoming, and safe on all levels, we generate a true haven for ourselves, somewhere where the nature of our interactions is as important as the decor.

Today’s message invites me to put more of my heart into my home space. When I surround myself with cleanness, beauty, and authenticity on all levels—mental, emotional, physical, spiritual—I am truly at home.

Please reflect and share. Do you consciously create your home space?