Create good

It’s easy to be discouraged by what goes on in the world around us. Bad things seem happen to our world and its inhabitants with regularity.

Often these issues are large scale and not something we can impact significantly on our own. Yes, we can and should vote. But this may feel a bit remote and ineffectual to us.

The one thing we do have direct control over is our beliefs, thoughts, and actions. This is where we can make a positive difference each and every day.

When we’re not only trying to survive and take care of ourselves, but also try to positively affect others—plants, animals, landscapes, and of course people—we create good.

We make the world better with each of our small kindly interactions. Pleasant words of support, little bits of assistance, courteous and respectful interactions, and comfort and care where needed all will shift our world in a more positive direction.

Whether we’re helping a turtle cross the road safely, avoiding using toxic chemicals, offering positive words of support to folks, or simply not killing every insect we encounter, we create goodness one small bit at a time.

Today’s message invites me to be more mindful of opportunities to create good. When I do so, the world seems a bit brighter, and I feel happier too.

Please reflect and share. How did you create good today?