Stable isn’t stagnant

Many of us are a bit, or more, averse to change. If things seem to be working, at least somewhat, why would we want them to be different?

We may consider stability to be things staying the same. After all, if we know what to expect and how to respond, we’re good, right?

But life isn’t that way. Life is about flow. Things shift and alter. As long as we shift and alter in response, we’re likely okay. It’s when we try to stay in one place while existence flows around us that we can run into difficulties.

Think of mental and emotional stability like bodily core strength. Being strong in our center—whether it’s our physical, emotional, or mental center—allows us to keep our balance as things shift around us. We have the strength to respond appropriately to events that might otherwise unsettle us.

Today’s message reminds me that I create stability in my life by being willing to flow and adjust. True stability occurs inside of me, not outside of me.

Please reflect and share. What helps you feel stable?