Progress isn’t always visible

Sometimes it can seem that we’re working hard without achieving much. It can feel disheartening.

And this may be the case, if we’re expending effort on things that don’t support our goals and dreams. One-sided relationships and activities like doomscrolling can suck up our vitality and focus.

A deflection of our energy also may occur when life events supersede our plans. Emergencies and illnesses can get us off our chosen track. These issues are important to deal with, but may cause us to pivot from our previous plans.

Internal musing and sorting associated with personal work can also consume us temporarily. While the results—increased clarity and a release of emotional issues—aren’t notable as progress, the results of such work are significant.

In winter trees focus their energy in their roots, growing deeper and preparing for increased growth above ground in spring. Without the balance of growing deeper, trees might topple as they become top heavy.

We’re the same. We need periods of outward progress balanced with periods of internal progress. We expand and reflect, inhale and exhale.

Today’s message reminds me that personal work is never wasted time. Knowing myself and balancing my personal energy is essential to my ongoing well-being.

Please reflect and share. Do you think of personal work as an accomplishment?