Most of us are working toward some sort of goal. Whether it’s education, weight loss, relationship, fitness, career, or spiritual growth, we’re likely trying to achieve something.

Hopefully, we’re taking actions to reach our goal. If we’re serious about the end result, we will be making regular, and possibly daily, efforts. This is good. It shows Creation that we’re committed.

However, we’ll lapse in our actions sometimes. It happens to all of us. When it does, we probably are hard on ourselves. We feel badly.

When we do deviate, we’ll simply want to renew our focus and effort. Self-recrimination won’t help and will actually hurt. Feeling bad about lapsing will only attach negative emotions to our goal. That’s counterproductive. So we just want to resume and feel positive about doing so.

Today’s message reminds me that consistency of effort gets me my best results. When I lapse, I have a good opportunity to start afresh.

Please reflect and share. Are you usually consistent in your efforts?