It’s inside us.

Sometimes we may feel something isn’t quite right or is lacking. We may know precisely what feels off or missing, or we may be unsure of what isn’t right. But we certainly know we don’t feel quite complete.

We likely will look around, seeing advice, wisdom, knowledge, or help. We may read books, study online material, join discussion groups, or look for teachers or mentors. Often, we may cycle through a number of options, never quite finding them to be entirely satisfactory.

The sources we look to may well be reliable. Their wisdom probably was hard-earned. They’ve experienced life and found things that work for them.

Perhaps some of these things will work for us as well. But perhaps not. After all, our issues and problems are, in some aspects, unique to us. What we may well need is wisdom that pertains specifically to us individually.

And this is where it’s helpful to connect with the divine totality of Creation from inside ourselves. Our intrinsic connection to the divine gives us access to eternal wisdom, tailored specifically to our individual needs.

Any spiritual practice that helps us focus internally—prayer, meditation, mindfulness—will bring us closer in touch with the divine. A good start is to get quiet and empty of distractions. Then we can note anything that arises from within us. We’ll know the messages or sensations are helpful when they are positive, kind, and loving.

Today’s message reminds me that my problems may feel bigger than I am, but my resources encompass all of Creation. They are bigger than I am too. That’s important to remember.

Please reflect and share. How do you tap into your inner wisdom?