Rich everyday.

My sister Marge likes to read medieval murder mysteries. She boxes them up, when done, and mails them to me. I enjoy them too. It’s a thoughtful gift.

I like the mental challenge of a good mystery and can get a sense of society, lifestyles, and beliefs in different times. It’s educational and also thought provoking.

What has struck me recently is how what are considered very basic modern conveniences — central heat, running water, transportation, electronic devices, a choice of regular daily food and even fresh food — would have been more than what was available to royalty in medieval times.

We are wealthy beyond belief by the standard of those eras, even in lower income households. Those of us with more available income would be considered to be inconceivably blessed.

Today’s message invites me to be aware of the over-the-top richness of my everyday life. I am blessed and bountiful. Much gratitude is in order.

Please reflect and share. Does your current lifestyle make you feel blessed?