Keep feeding the dream.

When we’ve worked long and hard for something, it’s wonderful when our dream materializes. We feel thankful, elated, and blessed.

And then we may take our vision for granted. We may think we no longer need to invest our vision and energy into maintaining the dream.

But in order for our dream to persist and expand, it needs regular infusions of our love and energy. It needs to be fed, just like we do.

After we adopted Helios in summer, it took nearly five months of separate cat accommodations before we could trust Angelica and him not to shred each other. We did daily visualizations of amicable interactions, to set the template for what we dreamed of for them.

By last December, we could trust them to be in the same space fairly peaceably. But only in the last week have we noticed any cuddle or grooming sessions. They’re brief bits of very sweet time that I believe we all enjoy very much. At last!

Today’s message reminds me to keep feeding this dream. It can and will get better. I just need to stay energetically invested.

Please reflect and share. What dream of yours might you keep feeding?