Love yourself better.

Most of us have something we think is wrong with us. We may have a health condition or addiction, we may be overweight, shy, uneducated, or out of shape.

We’re likely upset with ourselves about what we see as a personal flaw. We may feel ashamed or denigrate ourselves for not doing better.

But anger and disappointment won’t cure whatever we feel ails us. These negative emotions are instead more like to reinforce the pattern we wish to break out of.

If we try putting positive emotions around our issue, it will be easier to shift it into whatever we’d prefer. We can offer ourselves love, support, and understanding. We can praise and celebrate whatever small wins we achieve. And most of all, we can believe in ourselves and our ability to do and be better.

Today’s message invites me to love myself yet a bit more than I already do. I’m making good progress toward my goals, and I deserve to recognize and feel good about what I have accomplished to date.

Please reflect and share. Do you love yourself enough?