Where are our thoughts?

We all have goals and dreams, visions of what we might want and who we might want to be. Likely, our hopes are different than our current reality.

We may want better health, more money, less complicated and more loving relationships. Or we may want to be less fearful, more dynamic, happier, and more grateful.

We may wonder about the gap between what we want and have and who we are and who we want to be. A good starting point is to pay attention to our thoughts.

If we’re concerned about finances, how many of our thoughts are related to lack of money? If we want to be healthier, how often do we think or worry about feeling ill? If we want smoother relationships, how often do we think about feeling disappointed, angry, or resentful?

Because thoughts order up our reality, it’s not useful or satisfying to spend time thinking about what we don’t want.

Today’s message reminds me to center my thoughts around what I do want and what I’m currently grateful for. Thoughts are a way of asking for things, so I will want to make sure I ask for what I do want.

Please reflect and share. What are your habitual thought patterns?