Always wealthy.

Some of us have lots of money. Others of us don’t. Many of us wish we had more than we do.

It’s easy to become focused on how much money we do or don’t have. Money can equate to social status or can help us buy the things we think we need to be comfortable, popular, and successful.

But there is so much more to abundance than money and assets. We can be abundant in love, in friendships, in health. Abundance can take the shape of pleasurable experiences, hobbies, learning, and understanding.

When we learn to expand our personal definition of wealth, we find it easier to be grateful for all the wondrous things life offers. It’s easier to have a happy and fulfilling life when we’re aware of and thankful for all life’s gifts.

Today’s message reminds me of just how wealthy I am. Creation has blessed me with so many different forms of abundance. I am blessed!

Please reflect and share. How to you define abundance?