Trust the message.

Some of us have a sense of knowing. Sometimes we simply know when a situation or individual is or isn’t right for us.

Others of us get specific messages. We may hear words, have bodily sensations, or see visions, providing us with information to help guide us in life.

Occasionally, it can be difficult to know when to trust these various types of communication, particularly when the gist of the message is negative or isn’t what we expected. We may not want to ignore the message while feeling unsure about trusting it.

Years ago, I asked a trusted mentor for guidance around when to trust and pay attention to messages I received. I was hoping to have some sort of measuring stick to apply when I wasn’t immediately certain.

Here is his response. “Is the information loving? Is it helpful? Is it kind? If not, you can ignore it and put up a proverbial hand to the source of the message.”

Today’s message reminds me of that long ago conversation. It’s still relevant today. I’m happier and freer when I allow my life to be guided by the principals of love, caring, and kindness.

Please reflect and share. How do you know when to trust the guidance you receive?