It’s all inside of you.

Some days where we want to be can seem very far from where we are presently. It can make us feel chagrined or even inadequate.

It may seem that we won’t progress without a miracle or at least some serious outside assistance. We may or may not know exactly what we need and also may not have any idea of how to get it.

This sense of overwhelm occurs because we feel we are alone in the situation. This is, however, just a perception even though it feels quite real.

In divine reality, we and everyone and everything else is spiritually interconnected. We’re an intrinsic part of a divine whole. As such, we have access to all the resources of creation through our interconnection.

The key to connecting with them is to believe it is possible. When we understand that Creation will deliver exactly what we need at the optimum time for us, we can begin to believe in the essential benevolence of existence.

Today’s message invites me to add another layer of certainty to the intrinsic abundance of my life. When I believe it, I’ll see it.

Please reflect and share. Do you believe you are divinely interconnected with all Creation?