You know you best.

Most of us would like to have a gameplan for our lives. We may find it comforting to know we’re heading in the right direction and may appreciate having a good sense of what actions to take when.

This certainty can come with a price, particularly if we rely on others’ input in making our plans. It’s true that others may have knowledge of us that is based on long acquaintance or on intuitive understanding. It’s also true that we may have personal blind spots that can mask our motivations and actions from us.

However, we are the ones that will be with ourselves every second of our lives. The consequences of our choices, actions, and inactions fall most heavily on us.

We’re usually clear on what makes us comfortable, fearful, excited, or resistant. Particularly as we age, we can become well acquainted with our personal foibles. We likely have a reasonable sense of how we operate and what makes us happy and unhappy.

It certainly may be helpful to get outside opinions from friends and family, especially in the face of major decisions. Having a variety of viewpoints may help ensure we’re considering all factors in our decision making.

Today’s message reminds me that my own sense of self will guide me most reliably. When I get quiet and listen to myself, the answers come to me.

Please reflect and share. How much do you value your own opinions?